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Data Security

Whether it is sales data, inventory data, or payroll data, all of your business data is proprietary and sensitive. It needs to be protected from others, and at the same time easily accessible to authorized users. iPhora was designed with a Security First mindset. Our goal is keeping your data safe and secure, while allowing only authorized users to view and edit the information.
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Business Process Automation

Phora Group has been working with companies to automate their business and workflow processes for over twenty years. We understand that each project is unique and that the tools have to be flexible enough to handle a wide range of business needs. All of our experience and know-how went into the creation of iPhora Foundation, a flexible and feature-rich solution for automating complex business processes.

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Integrated Social Collaboration

The integration of social collaboration features into your business processes can be successful, but only if it is driven by a compelling business purpose. In other words, social collaboration should serve the needs of your business, and not the other way around. With iPhora Touch, a secure and versatile social collaboration platform, businesses can easily incorporate, customize, and control the use social collaboration within their organizations.

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Phora Group at MWLUG 2016

We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the MWLUG 2016 conference in Austin. Phora Group exhibited the latest version of iPhora Touch v3.5 and introduced the new iPhora Domino Transformer, a solution that helps companies access their existing IBM Notes applications on the web.

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